About me

maybe I'll add a picture of me sometime

I am Dylan Evans and am based in Amsterdam. I have been working for clients in the USA, The UK, The Netherlands and Australasia. I play the violin and viola, and run marathons. I take photographs of interesting things too.

My prime experience is in creating services and products for consumers, and (B2B) selling these to clients. These products and services have solved small problems for millions of users.

My major clients I have worked with are from the consumer, financial, defence, utilities and government sectors, in the UK, Continental Europe and the USA: Centrica, United States Department of Defense, City of Los Angeles, Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC), Lockheed Martin, Halifax Bank of Scotland, Cable & Wireless, Capita Services, UK Census 2011,Financial Services Authority (FSA), E-On, EDF, Lloyds TSB.

My master thesis investigated methods to improve information usage by using physiological measurement. This was an inter-disciplinary project which spanned psychology (Cognitive and Social), decision making, interface design, user research methods and investment analysis.

I’ve delivered services using mobile web & apps; the web; speech recognition and multi-modal; acoustics & music (a Dutch karaoke service with Pop Idols and X-Factor) and in performance & directing. I've innovated and enabled new business models and pricing tools. I’ve also done academic work for governmental and research organisations on the theory of how multi-modal and biometric interfaces can help distance learning; applying social theory to interface development, and improving users' information performance.

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